A Review of the St Carlos Medislim Income Opportunity

St. Carlos Medsilim offers a complete line of diet products that are designed for individuals to lose weight. The name of their products are one in the same; IBS. They are Thai diet pills. St. Carlos Medslim offers 13 products that all have the “IBS” name attached to their products.

IBS diet pills are the leading product for weight loss on the market in South East Asia. IBS is fast becoming popular in Europe and the US markets.

This company wants to convey the message, that their products do not contain prohobited components, tranquilizers, drugs, etc. The products are reliable and all natural ingredients, that are developed by specialists. The specialists are of the I Inter Bangkok Clinic, which was founded in 1998 by Dr. Surawong, a leading specialist in weight loss.

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The specialists of this unique hospital, clinic, conduct comprehensive research in the treatment of obesity and over weight. These specialists also have high degrees of advance degrees in herbal medicine.

Most diet pill supplements in the United States and other countries have several chemical components in them that have come under scrutiny by different agencies within the governments. The Federal Drug Association has had occasion over the last few decades, to repond to action about chemical interaction in over the counter diet pills that are harmful to the body, taking these products off the market.

IBS Diet pills have no chemical additives and are a pure and natural product that works.

The mission of the hospital, clinic is the promotion of efficient weight loss programs. To make it safe for anyone suffering of obesity and over weight. Through the specialist’s mission, they managed to overcome weight loss issues using IBS Diet Pill Sets, with their weight loss programs. This allowed people to slim quickly.

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The herbal list of components that are formulated within IBS diet pills are Piper Negrum, Aloe Barbadensis Mill, Garcinia Atroviridis, Terminalia Chebula Retz, Ferula Assafoetida and Rheum palmatum. Together, these herbals ingredients work to reduce excess body weight.

As noted by St. Carlos Medislim: IBS Diet Pills will improve the body metabolism and aid in removing extra body weight. As with any weight loss program that is healthy, it is advised to take the IBS Diet Pills with a balanced diet and also to exercise properly.

Controlled clinical studies that have been conducted by the specialists at the I Inter Bangkok Clinic, hospital prove that a person might get back some weight after using the IBS Diet Pills, but nothing of major significance. The specialists at the clinic/hospital, recommend staying with a healthy diet that is balanced and nutritious, maintaining physical exercise, so as not to regain the weight that was lost during the IBS diet regime.

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St. Carlos Medslim also addresses body purifying products with their IBS Banquet Pills, IBS Detox and IBS Slimming Tea.

St. Carlos Medslim offers independent distributors the business opportunity to become distributors of their products. For further information about this company’s compensation plan, in greater detail, you must request this information from the company’s website.

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