How to Lose Belly Fat Fast With the Medifast Diet

In this article we are going to take a quick look at how to lose belly fat fast while dieting with Medifast. The simple truth is that you WILL lose weight if you follow the Medifast 5 and 1 plan. Why do I say that? Because MOST people do! In a published study of OBESE dieters who were using Medifast in a clinical setting, Men lost an average of 67 pounds and women were just about 60. That is an INCREDIBLE amount of weight, folks!

You STILL need to drop some belly fat, right? I mean…who wants to lose it all in the arms, legs, neck, backside and more, ONLY to have all of what’s left sitting straight up in your paunchy middle? Of course that CAN’T really happen…but let’s explore some ways to TURBOCHARGE your flat belly while melting away the pounds the Medifast away! Read on. 🙂

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Now, this depends a little bit on how MUCH weight you have to lose initially, but this strategy focuses on the transitioning phase of the program. (after you’ve lost your primary goal weight and are migrating back to a “normal” diet) I recommend going out and getting resistance bands like the ones that have been popularized by Billy Blanks (Tae Bo) and Tony Horton’s TV workout programs. You can pick these up at a local sporting goods store for cheap, or even buy them on eBay second hand for 10 bucks. Simply take 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes at night and just MOVE. Lift your legs straight out in front of you, stretch your FULL body up to the ceiling…lifting your hands to the sky as if you could touch the stars.

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Practice PUNCHING your imaginary enemies, do jumping jacks, WHATEVER you are able to do for 10 minutes at a time, all while keeping your hands and feet firmly rooted in the bands. This has been my BEST toning routine for that LAST bit of fat that simply doesn’t seem to want to fall off…and works WONDERS on the belly, as all of the above will work your core till it’s harder than a block of ice in the South Pole at Christmas. 🙂 And with the weight you have dropped on the diet itself…a beautiful body is only one MIRROR gaze away, I promise!

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