The Truth About Liquid Diets and How to Get Ripped Fast and Shed Pounds!

Want to lose weight or get ripped fast? Considering going on a liquid diet to do so? Well before you make a final decision regarding your future intentions it is important to really no what you are doing, afterall it is your future health and well being at stake. The last thing you want to do is to invest your time and energy in to something that is not for you. Here we will outline the origins of liquid diets and track that right through to modern day and show you the positive and negatives of such an approach to weight loss. Here we go:

The first liquid diets can be traced back to the 1930s where Dr, Stoll’s “Diet Aid” was promoted in beauty parlors of the time, next came the liquid protein diets in the 1970s like “The Last Chance Diet” which was followed by the low carb diets of the 1990s. Now in modern times the liquid diet tends to take the form of canned drinks bought from the local store.

Liquid days have not always been safe and indeed some people believe them still not to be. The real danger lies in the fact that a liquid diet may not yield you with all of the vitamins and minerals required to sustain life. Indeed 58 deaths were reported of adults in 1977 according to the FDA of people following these strict diets.

You would think such occurrences would put them out of favour for good but thanks to their various incarnations they keep returning in different forms and of course receive endless interest from people desperate to lose weight or get ripped fast. One company received over a million calls in one day following an Oprah Winfrey show in the 1980s when she let slip the name of the liquid diet program that she was using at the time, according to The New York Times.

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Nowadays 100% liquid diets are generally not found in too many places rather they are usually involve the participant having to eat at least some complete whole food during a day but they are interspersed with canned liquid food drinks.

The effect of following them these days initially is that people may lose weight and sometimes even get ripped fast. However the part that is not true is that you cannot achieve the same results by simply following a diet of just complete whole food, you can. The other part is that following a liquid diet does not teach you how to keep the weight off in a healthy manner for life and in the long run these diets often do not work full stop, and here is why.

Some of these diets fall into the bracket of low calorie diets as well which means there is a short fall of between 800-1000 calories on what there every day energy requirements are.

What does this mean and why is this bad for weight loss, surely such a deficit would be good for weight loss? Unfortunately this is completely wrong and it is a trap that too many people fall into and it can ruin their weight loss attempts. Here is why:

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1) Diets this low in calories will make your body initiate a ‘starvation response’. When your body has a severely reduced intake of calories it reacts by trying to conserve the remaining energy that it does have and hold onto it in order to keep itself alive. It basically does this by slowing down the bodys metabolic rate and preparing to pile on weight as soon as it gets a chance. Both of these of course are completely opposed to weight loss.

2) Liquid diets do not teach the participant good dietary habits for life and only offer quick fix. This means that once the diet stops they tend to pile at least all of the weight back on! They can also develop unhealthy attitudes towards foods that make them suffer more in the long run.

3) Often the liquid diet supplement provides energy in the form of high sugar ingredients like corn syrup. This is the very refined sugar that is being blamed in the US for its high level of obesity in the general population. Do yourself a favour and check out the ingredients list at the very least! Health foods they are not.

4) Even if by chance you come across a wholesome healthy liquid diet supplement do your really think it is doing something that complete whole food cannot? It is not! All of the ingredients can be found in everyday foods, they do not contain any miracle weight loss formula, although that is often what their marketing would have you believe!

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The only place the a liquid diet supplement could play is to provide you with calories at a time when you are in a rush and have no time to prepare a proper meal and with a bit of prior planning that need to can be avoided. Please bear in mind however that even the newest most expensive liquid powder drinks will never be as nutritional or well fortified with vitamins as regular food, we still can’t beat mother nature in that score. In fact eating whole foods has a weight loss advantage in that it actually requires energy for the body to digest the food which a liquid diet does not require therefore aiding the process of burning off calories.

So, after all of this you might be asking yourself how exactly we should get ripped fast or go about losing weight permanently. The truth is that scientists have proven to us time and time again how the body works. They have shown us that working with the bodies systems rather than against them can guarantee weight loss. If this sounds like something you would like to know more about then follow the links below.

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