Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work!

Are you fed up with the same old weight-loss tips? Here are some weight loss tips that might sound weird to you, but in actual sense they do work. The good side is that they are all backed by solid science!

Eat with your non-dominant hand

It’s common for people to munch mindlessly on anything when watching movies or TV. The unfortunate thing is that many munch on some of the unhealthiest foods. Research has shown that eating with your non-dominant hand helps you to eat less.

The reason why you eat less is because you shovel just small amounts of food (since you are not used to eating with that non-dominant hand).

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Take a look in the mirror

It has been shown that people who look at themselves in the mirror when eating tend to eat more healthy foods. The reason for this is because seeing yourself reminds you of your diet and weight loss goals.

Immerse yourself in blue

Using blue plates, blue tablecloths, blue napkins, blue lights or even painting your dining room blue has been shown to reduce food consumption.

The reason for this is because blue is associated with toxic or moldy food thus many people eat less. Yellow and red colors are appetite-stimulating and have opposite effects. This is the reason why many fast-food restaurants use them.

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Eat in silence

Eating in a noisy environment has often been associated with making you eat faster such that your brain doesn’t know that you are full and as a result you end up overeating. Eating in a silent place ensures that your brain is not distracted thus it easily knows when you are full thus you can’t overeat.

Wear tight clothes to dinner

It’s common for people to grab a loose t-shirt or sweater when they put on a few extra pounds. According to experts, you should always wear something tight when eating. This is because the tight clothing will remind you that you have had enough when you start to overeat.

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It’s also recommended that you hang a skinny jean in your kitchen or dining room to remind you of your weight loss goals.

Try the ‘toothpaste diet’

Instead of going for a sweet treat after you have had your meal, you should brush your teeth with mint-flavored toothpaste. The minty flavor aids in signaling your brain that the meal is over thus you easily curb your cravings.

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